about us

Horizons Verts began in 2012, when Ruth and Peter arrived in France on a scorching September day, to a dishevelled house which hadn’t been lived in for six years except for holiday rentals, and two-and-a-half hectares of overgrown land. And some kind of a dream about living sustainably, finding a way to live well, and sharing it. After having spent 6 years working in Cambridge with corporate leaders and policy-makers, helping them to do business more sustainably - to produce less waste, use less water, reduce their carbon emissions – Ruth gradually started to see things differently. And so, seven years ago, they came to Occitanie, and Horizons Verts began.

Horizons Verts is an ongoing project which is continually expanding and improving thanks to contributions from family, friends, volunteers, animals, visitors – a constantly changing community that has made Horizons Verts into the place it is today. So many lessons learned, and lots more still to learn. Two cats moved over with us from England, and gradually more animals have come to call Horizons Verts home, including rescue cats, chickens, rabbits and (non-rescue) guinea pigs!